Doctor Fred Stellhorn built this website to give you an easy way to buy contacts online using your insurance. He and his staff will give your order the same personal care they have given their patients since 1971, when Doc founded Manteca Optometric Eye Care Center. He has served that community in California’s Central Valley for over 30 years. The small town values of commitment, loyalty, and honest work infuse every aspect of the service Contacts for Good brings to you.

The other reason Doc Fred started this company was to help fund free eye care clinics in Central America. He and his colleagues first held those clinics in 1998 as a response to the devastation wrought in Honduras by Hurricane Mitch. Since then, they’ve returned every year to hold clinics and give away free glasses. Your purchases at Contacts for Good will help pay for diagnostic equipment, glasses, eye care supplies, and expansion of the program.

About Doc Fred

Doc and his colleagues love to give back. They routinely provide care to patients who may not be able to pay. “Our talents are given to us, and we’re supposed to use them to take care of people,” he says. “If the son of a farmworker comes in looking like he may have glaucoma, he gets the full workup. My office manager."

Outside the office, he has been organizing free local eye clinics through the Rotary Club for many years. “Some of our funds come from grants; we cover our travel expenses ourselves; we beg our vendors for equipment and consumables,” he says. “Selling contacts will help us help more people in need both at home and abroad.”

Doc Fred has looked for opportunities to serve throughout his career. He was once president of the Manteca Chamber of Commerce, and twice president of the local Rotary Club—which is an international service organization, not a business club. He has chaired the local Boys and Girls Club and often helps run town events like Fourth of July Parades. “Community only works when people work together,” he says. “Whether it’s on your block, around the globe, or doing something as simple as ordering contacts.”

Formal Stuff

Doc went to Ohio State on a swimming scholarship in 1961. He transferred to UCLA when his high school swim coach recruited him, then transferred again to University of California Berkeley, where he graduated as a Doctor of Optometry in 1970. Every two years he updates his skills with 50 credits in continuing medical education. He has been in continual private practice in Manteca, California since 1971, serving each new generation as it comes along. Over the years the office has moved a few times, and his practice has grown to include three other doctors.

Apart from his optometry practice, Doc Fred has been president of his local Chamber of Commerce once, and president of his Rotary Club twice. He chaired the Boys and Girls club in the early 90s, and helps organize things around town like the Fourth of July Parade.

He is married to Lena Rose Treas de Stellhorn, has two grown sons, 2 grandchildren, and a brown Lab who insists on being taken on long walks four or five days a week.