Every year, you buy a new supply of contacts.
But what if your money could go further?

 Since 1998, the Contacts for Good team has given more than 64,000+ people the gift of clear vision to people in need, and now, you can join in giving. It’s easy, and doesn’t cost you a penny more than you pay for contacts today.

With every annual supply of contacts you purchase through Contacts for Good, we’re able to gift a free pair of glasses and a free eye exam for someone in need. Turns out your purchases can make good happen in the world.

Doesn’t that feel… good? Here’s how it started.



The First Mission

When hurricane Mitch made landfall in Central America in 1998, it dumped 75 inches of rain over the mountain in three days - one to two feet of rain each day. Flooding and mudslides killed over 11,000 in Honduras, over 3000 in Nicaragua. Another 11,000 went missing. Entire villages slid off the cordillera. Most of Honduras's infrastructure was destroyed. Roughly 3 million people were left homeless.

The devastation was so complete, it took
a week or so for the news to drift out.

Contacts for Good founder Doctor Fred and his colleagues organized a relief program as soon as they heard the news. Their work was funded by a Rotary Club International grant of $450,000. In the next few years, they used it to build over 50 homes; set up, supply, and run multiple dental and vision clinics; and do two clean-water projects in the region.

The grant money ran out in 2001. Seeing a pervasive and ongoing need, Doc Fred started organized traveling vision clinics in Honduras every summer, funded by small grants from the local Rotary Club, material donations from vendors, and cash donations from individuals. That’s great, but it’s not sustainable.


Sustainable Sight

While the Rotary Club wasn’t sustainable, Contacts for Good is. Your purchase on this site will help fund ongoing eye care missions to people in need — not only in Central America but here at home. A simple thing like being able to see clearly can transform lives, families, and communities. Young people can educate themselves out of poverty. Adults who never learned to read because of poor vision can escape the prison of illiteracy. People who can see their households, families, tasks, and crops can manage them better. Corrected vision can help people do more exacting, precise work and earn better wages. It can strengthen communities as it changes lives.

Get good vision to give good vision is what it’s all about.


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