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Every year, you buy a new supply of contacts.
But what if your purchase could go further?

 When you buy contacts through Contacts for Good, 
your purchase funds prescription glasses and an eye exam to someone in need.

Want to purchase your contact lenses from Contacts for Good but don't need to order yet?

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We will send you a $5 Starbucks gift card with your first order.


Contacts for Good is an online contact lens
and sunglasses retailer.

Our aim is to:

  1. Give back by helping people in need.
  2. Provide the best customer service with instant insurance reimbursement. That means you'll never pay out of pocket for what your vision insurance covers.

Giving Back
Doc Fred, Contacts for Good's founder, has always had a passion for giving back. For almost a decade he has been going to developing countries and offering free eye clinics and free glasses to those in need. In that time he has given over 45,000 pairs of new glasses. Doc Fred wanted everyone to be able to participate by providing improved vision to those who need it. With every annual supply of contacts or pair of sunglasses sold, he gives another person a free pair of glasses. Click here to see more on our humanitarian efforts.

Better Service

If you have ever ordered contacts online using your vision insurance in the past you will know it involves filling out paperwork, mailing it in and waiting for a rebate. Doc Fred thought this was too much of a hassle so we created Contacts for Good We take your insurance up front so there is no paperwork and no waiting for your refund. You just pay less up front.